Hi and welcome to my site !

My name is Stina and I am a physiotherapist, specialised in musculoskeletal system problems, pain and treatment. Usually people come to me with back, neck, shoulder or knee problems.

I can help you with sport related problems and pains too as a sports physio personal trainer.

I also do sports massage, fascia and trigger point treatments, joint opening, mobilisation and radiopressurewave (eswt) treatment.

I have been working as a physio since 2011. I try to take new courses every year, I study new techniques and keep myself on top of the new research by reading and studying.

I believe that everything is related to everything and your mind and body and everything that is going on in your life affects to everything.

I also teach yoga, mindfulness and nutrition.

I myself am a free spirit and freedom in life is the biggest value to me. The freedom to move and live your kind of life.

My own hobbies are skateboarding, snowboarding, yoga, running and gym.


All my services are combined to ”hoitokäynti” so if you want a massage or physio treatment, just pick your time. For first visit I recommend to take ”hoitokäynti 60min”

So go to ”ajanvaraus” and pick a treatment length that suits you.


Hope to see you soon !